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Weekly insights, guides and reviews for audiophiles brought to you by our team of music lovers, concert-goers & head-bopping bloggers.

From artist breakdowns to hot music news, we try to cover a wide array of hip-hop, pop and mainstream music topics for you to read. Alongside pushing out content on our favourite artists and genres, we also keep you in the loop with what music our team are listening to. Try our breakdown of the best MCs or read about the true impact The Beatles had on the World. Start your read today with some of our top picks.


Explore everything from how a record player works to inspiring turntable setups. There are all sorts of topics for all types of vinyl fans, delivering thoroughly researched guides that will improve your listening experience from start to finish. Want to know why vinyl sounds better? How to identify the best second-hand vinyl, or just looking for the best vinyl to collect? You’re in the right place from the moment you pick up your first vinyl to the second it spins on your record player.

Our team of audiophiles

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We cover the crucial questions and specifications, ensuring you get the very best headphone or earbud experience possible. Whether it’s comparing open-back vs closed-back headphones or finding out how noise-cancelling works, we’ve got you. Our team of tech enthusiasts know exactly what to look out for when shopping for high-quality speakers. If you’re looking to kit out your surround sound, hosting an event or wonder whether you should get a soundbar or speaker, we’ve got you covered.

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