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About Upbeat Geek

Upbeat Geek is a place for everyone to come together and celebrate the very best in music. We are a team of vinyl collecting, headphone-wearing, audio loving enthusiasts, passionate about creating music-related content for all to enjoy. This all-you-need hub will cover every corner of the music world, guaranteeing to deliver:

Regular music news

Never miss a beat with monthly music roundups and top tips for getting the most out of your listening experience. We take inspiration from both old classics and up-and-coming artists, offering something for everyone.

Vinyl inspiration

Non-stop advice and inspiration from our vinyl and record player enthusiasts. No matter what question you have surrounding vinyl records or players, our team will have the answers!

Tips from audiophiles

Our tech enthusiasts live and breathe the power of audio. Whether blasting tunes through a speaker or popping on headphones, we’ve got plenty of tips to help improve your sound system.

Meet the Upbeat Geek team

Hip-hop loving and keen vinyl collector Ryan works in Digital Marketing, UX and Design. When he’s not jamming to music and designing, he reviews record players and looks for his next vinyl for his collection. With years of visiting record player shops, copping limited edition vinyl and rocking up at all sorts of concerts, he’s our go-to guy for vinyl and record players guides.

If there’s something new happening in the music industry, then Alex knows about it. Growing up in a musical family and picking up a guitar from an early age, rock has always influenced her love for music. Alex runs her own jewellery business when she’s not engrossed in the world of music. She’ll bring you new music releases, album reviews and all the speaker knowledge for enjoying music even more.

Kelvin is Upbeat Geek’s audio tech expert. He stays in the loop with the latest product releases, from soundbars right through to earbuds. Kelvin enjoys travelling and concertgoing, and even has a creative career fuelled by music! Kelvin’s always been a tech-head, working with and reviewing different audio setups, from speakers and amps to any type of headphone you can think of. He knows how to uncover the science behind the tech and explain it in ‘me and you’ terms.

Mel’s a music-obsessed creative illustrator and 2D artist. Mel helps cover all our latest news, fun music-related articles and helps out with our speaker tech reviews. She’s got a real love for Japanese culture and playing the piano, enjoys illustrating, drawing, and looking after her lil’ Hamster, Zelda.